Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Character Choice

1. Pocahontas Billiams
“Willie’s sister, she’s seven years old but much more relaxed and more knowing than her sibling. She wants to be a gorilla.”

I have chosen this character because i can see that although she will be challenging, i'm not going to be too ambitious and i have some ideas of where to start.
I can see the silver back gorilla and this little girl acting to one another.. the girl acting how she believes a gorilla to be, maybe wearing a gorilla mask or face painted.. and the gorilla looking completely bemused and insulted as he is described as more of an elegant character.

List of words to help describe Pocahontas:
mature for her age
geeky for her zoo knowledge
miss no it all
ginger crazy hair? platted pig tails?
fringe - has a bad scissor incident where she cut it herself
note book and pen ready - covered in stickers for awards and gorillas
gorilla face painted or mask?
uniform - maybe brownies kind of thing? not 'cool'
missing teeth
little satchel from the shoulder across body
shoes with laces
little bobble nose
big wondrous eyes
little ears
thin neck
watch on her wrist

2. Cornelius
“A middle aged silver back gorilla, the most civilised and sensible occupant of the zoo by far.”

I chose this character because its something different than a human skeletal rig structure and i liked the sound of him in the brief description.

List of words to help describe Cornelius:
safety conscious- reviewing a health and safety leaflet
bemused by the public
-yet curious of this little girls attempt to communicate with him
strong definition to facial features
big brow
set in eyes
big muzzle
funky afro style
characteristic colour stripe on his back to set him apart
Proud/strong stance/walk
leathery hands
smaller back legs to walk on
big round belly

I am going to look at using basic shapes to create these characters (if not at first then simplify them this way) and to refer to primary and secondary sources including skeletal reference.

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