Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cornelius Designs

Using my research i have gone on to creating designs using simple shapes. from the photos i have posted previously i noted that i really wanted an expressive and strong brow, set deep into the head.. I had no idea what shape of head i'd like so i firstly began with anything and everything!

These are my drawings inspired by the skull photos. I used the simple skeletal shape and structure to start with something basic.. i think these already look better than the previous ones. I have got the deep set eyes, strong brow, and i am really liking the strong square jaw as opposed to the curved jaw. This is becuase of combining the straight line with a curve which enhances the drawing. I like how the skull is quite high as i think this will set Cornelius apart from other gorillas :)

Here i have just experimented with the view of this head style. I have tried adding glasses to sit behind the nostrils and to keep the muzzle of his upper jaw larger than the lower jaw so his mouth will have an under bite - easi. The first drawing on the left is the best to see this.

More head designs but also beginning to take a look at how i want the body to look, an actual silver back gorilla is heavy, round and very hairy!
So im thinking whether to give my character thin tall legs and he can be bi-pedal, or less humanized and remain a quadruped.

From the skeletal photos i have drawn a simple line of action pose from that, then used that same pose with the different drawing techniques such as the circling technique then the basic shapes. Experimenting again with head shapes, using that strong jaw definitely works for me.

Working from a different skeletal pose where the gorilla is standing up, i have decided that i'm liking the rough input of the hands and the skull is really coming round to something i'd use. Still have to do some research into the feet and i feel that i need to add a stronger S curve for the spine.

More of an orthogonal view using the skeleton as a reference again.. i'm beginning to understand what goes where but i want to go onto observing how it moves.

A side on view with a three quarter view, just an experiment to see what i can do. The 3/4 view has hardly any neck which is what i want, where as the side view has and it doesn't quite work. also i want a much more broad and curving spine for the back.. like it'd be top heavy. The legs need to be shorter. When re-drawing this i will stick to these changes.

A front on view, fatter arms and thighs needed here.. he's looking too humanized. I have taken a closer look at hands and fingers. I need to look more into this as from viewing photos they have kind of banana shaped hands. Looking at the bone structure i can draw a convincing knuckle.

So at the end of Cornelius, i need to make his legs/arms shorter and fatter, and draw a clean sheet with what i want with orthogonal views. Then i can move onto thinking about his colours and begin modeling him in maya, to then import into zbrush to create the detailed image.

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