Monday, 19 October 2009

Cornelius Research

This footage above shows the highlights on the gorillas face, how deep set in the eyes are. I can see the body shape of the gorilla and how he moves with turning his head and how strong his arms are. Very powerful.

<< Very nice example showing the deep set eyes and strong prominent brow.

>> This shows the rings round the eyes, thinking of egde loops when modeling in maya. The wrinkles are a great advantage, also i can see from this perspective how the nose and mouth are extruded from the face.

<< Here we can clearly see the arcs and curves of the skull and the photo shows the extent of the extrusion of the muzzle.

>> From this photo i can see how set the head is to the body and how the size of the skull is much bigger than a humans.

<< See that the back end is much narrower in comparison to those strong broad shoulders. The arc of the spine helps to bring forward the arms which is noticeably longer and drop from the spine.. everything is hanging off the spine.

>> The skeleton from the front view again allo
wing me to measure the height of the shoulders in comparison to where the hips sit.

<< When comparing the differences between the human and gorilla skeletal structures we can see how the rib cage is much larger, the shoulders are more forward which brings the arms to drop lower. The pelvis is longer which in turn makes the legs shorter.

>>An orthogonal view of the gorilla skeleton, it will help to see this to place the body parts in the right place.

<< Great eye brow bone here, i can see how the jaw moves and arcs.

>> This photo just shows the structure for the cheekbones and how the skull is shaped long and narrow.

<< Another great example for strong brow and deep set eyes. I'm picking up on this because i think the brow will be a strong point for showing the gorillas expression

>> A nice reference for character posture.

<< Another reference for position and structure.

>>Again with the arms and legs

Here we have a sitting down pose showing a nice round belly. The legs fold and the arms stay stretched possibly to help with the balance too.

I have used different types of gorilla for facial and body structure references.
Now i am going to continue to create my character sheets by using these references and maybe go on and take sketches from the the london zoo.

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  1. Nice one flyds! Theres some really nice info here, i like that your already thinking of edge loops and stuff! Its really cool that you have the skeleton on here, thats gunna really help with rigging.