Monday, 12 October 2009

Unit 204 -Brief C, Character Design

I have chosen this brief because i feel it's going to be the most challenging.
I want to learn as much as i can and by looking at the other two briefs i can see them being applied to other units in the course, so that is what finalized my decision for character designing.
(I feel 'chop shop' is more to do with using environmental, texturing and modeling techniques. Then with the National Gallery its more idents which i have done before at Alvls).

I am not familiar with how to rig and model but i plan to use a combination of zbrush, mudbox and maya if this helps me.

Aslo a recommendation for beginners at rigging:
An Essential Introduction to Maya Character Rigging with DVD
by Cheryl Cabrera

I plan to start with creating a list of words for the character's i have chosen to model, rig, and animate. I am hoping this will help me to understand the genre and movement of the characters, then i will continue to research from primary and secondary resources:

Primary Source
Photographs, sketches, my own interpretation from watching people/gorilla at the zoo

Secondary Source
Internet, books, television (atinborough), DVDs, existing artists/animators

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