Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pocahontas first stage of modeling

Ok so this is my first attempt of modeling Pocahontas, i have sorted my profile and side view ready to take into Maya.

So above is a nice little screen shot showing the torso and head of the body. I used the EP curve tool to get the shape then used the revolve tool to get the cylindrical 3d view. Then using the Lattice tool to add deformation to how i would like her to look, combined with upping the faces for more control of the overall shape. One mistake being when i used the EP curve tool i outlined the ear so the ear shape has followed the revolve around the head. Though im hoping to sort this out later.

The above screenshot shows how far i have gotten by using the same techniques and tools i talked about for making the torso. I'm feeling pleased and confident considering this is my first try. For the arms i also rotated after the elbow 45 degrees to help for when i model the hand facing down to the floor.

A screenshot with the panes turned on, i have not stuck to my designs as i'm feeling more creative, as i've given her a waist.

Now for the hands a feet!

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