Monday, 26 October 2009

Cornelius Designs

Ok so the things i wanted to correct on Cornelius was his broadness in shoulders, that his head doesn't really have a neck but basically sits on his shoulders and that his legs are much shorter as before he was too humanized. In the above picture i can now see that his legs and hips should still yet be shorter, basically moved up another centimeter. Also maybe the arms to be thicker?
From the side view just the legs to be shorter and maybe to have him more arched. I'm finding it difficult to know what look im going to get whilst i draw him standing up considering he wont be able to stand like a human does which may be whats throwing me off.

So talking to Steve he suggested maybe to model him in this character pose? Except with the gorillas front fingers pointed, this way i can have the back legs really bulky and see what i want the arms and big arc of that back to be doing.

So.. i'm not really sure how to model not in the T pose, or how to set up the panes for this. If i begin by drawing him in this position but in the orthographical views i think i'll get some where as i've already got his 3/4s view.

Then i can begin modeling the basic shape in maya.

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