Monday, 26 October 2009

Character Designs Pocahontas

Here are some sketches i have done for Pocahontas' head and body shape with reference to my research.

Heads, noses, eyes, and ears can be so many different shapes and sizes so here is just a sample sheet of possibilities i could use for Pocahontas. From my research i was drawn to a wide head and big eyes.

Above are some body designs for her shape and posture, from my list of words i said i wanted her to be tall and smart looking, so with a good posture maybe. Although i'd like her rig to be able to do a gorilla impersonation. I feel i'm more drawn to the character second from the bottom left. and the posture of second in from top right.

Above is just another pose, i see it as a mother pose with the hands on the hips being authoritative. So not for my character.

Ok so i feel i'm getting closer to what i want, the two which catch my eye the most are the second from top left because of the narrow shoulders and posture. The legs are simply functional and do not draw focus which is good as i don't want the legs to be the focus, that's for the face and arms to be. The second is the bottom left two, taken from the illustration reference i feel is cute and appropriate for Pocahontas.

Great.. so i'm pretty much settled on the body shape, now to explore the head. The ones which stand out to me more are the bigger and more square heads, second from top right and second from middle left. Though i do really like the cheeks from the second from top right, looks more mischievous and maybe older though.

And here is my finalized character sheet for the body and overall shape of Pocahontas. I will proceed to make more drawings of the face and hands in greater detail so i can use this as reference when adding more than her frame.

Overall i think she looks quite cute and i have yet to move to the colour design ideas, working with complimentary and contrasting colours of the colour wheel to get a convincing and established look.

I will take this scan into photoshop to make sure i can view it clearly for when i set it up on the panes in maya. This way i will be able to model swiftly i hope.

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