Friday, 23 October 2009

Pocahontas Research

For Pocahontas i started to look at existing work in 3d however i remembered that that's not all of what's out there. So i have broadened my research to looking at illustrations and artwork of children.

The picture above im liking the posture and innocence portrayed. The torso and head give a good shape as i've been drawing curves for the waist and hips not 100% sure how to draw a child because they haven't developed those curves.

This illustration i'm looking at the position of the eyes, nose, ears and mouth on the head. A narrow jaw but wide set eyes looks cool.

I love the big head design again, i want to adopt this, she has rather chubby cheeks and her eyes are wide and inquisitive. The torso shape is small at the top but larger on the belly, not that she's fat but a child's posture. Maybe a bit of a young look for a seven year old though.

In this illustration i'm looking at the legs and i can see the proportions (narrow shoulders)

I like most things about the face above, the huge eyes that draw you in and the tiny nose in contrast. the head shape looks as though it could be easier to model in maya as its simple curce and straight line. I'm not commenting on the hair so much as i think i'd like her to wear a gorilla mask/hat. Though i like how the hair sits with the ears.

The head is the focus here, square head, big eyes wide apart and a tiny mouth. Maybe add a little curved nose to contrast with the squareness of the head.

The dress reminds me of a ghibli design the way this has been drawn. I really like how she looks like a bumble bee, good idea for the boy from this brief. Also leads me to think could i get her dressed in gorilla styled clothing? something to reflect her fondness of gorilla other than a mask or face paint. I really like the legs on this character, tall.

Ignoring the other parts of this drawing and looking at the head again. It has a more realistic shape.. doesn't appeal to me as much as the others however i like the square cut fringe and pointy cheeks.

Adorable! love everything about this, the pose, the simplicity of shapes as the body is a triangle and the head a nice gentle oval shape, little arms and feet. Mostly drawn to the body shape, like the idea of socks pulled up, maybe dungarees? Really like this.

The nose. I like the long nose which i hadn't thought about as i've been distracted by the other illustrations. the straight line compliments the curves to the jaw. Wide eyes again. Also i liek the colour in the cheeks.

Like the thin legs with the dress. the idea of holding something.. maybe a banana balloon? The curl in the hair looks cute and again with the oval head with big eyes.

I will put up another post for researching Pocahontas showing some existing 3d characters from the screen.

Over all here though thin legs, small shoulders, undecided on head shape until i start drawing some heads and experimenting with positioning of the facial features.

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