Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Cornelius Model p1

Ok so i've chosen to begin modeling Cornelius in a box pose instead of T pose. This is because i am finding it difficult with shortening the legs and i can get a better feel using this box pose.

Here are some screenshots showing the progress so far in Polys

I started with a cube polygon and just began by adding subdivisions then extruding from there. Always making sure its in quads so i don't end up with any n-gons

I was advised to have the hand and fingers pointing outwards so we're nicely set up ready for rigging. I am only using my image references as a starting point and allowing myself to get creative in the software as opposed to being restricted to the drawings.

I need to sort the hand out, but overall i'm liking the strength im getting from this model. It's as broad and short legged at the back as i wanted. I decided to go direct into using polygons as opposed to nurbs as i didn't think the revolve and ep curve tool would come in much handy on this pose and that also i'd have to convert into polys anyway.

Onwards and upwards!!

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