Thursday, 26 November 2009

Change in Brief

My aim was to produce the needs of the brief, and in a way i feel I've been creatively restricted due to the me not knowing how to rig, model, texture ect.

With the deadline getting closer i decided that it would be better to have produced one working rig and textures as opposed to two modeled and maybe half rigged characters. So in conclusion i have stopped modeling Pocahontas and decided to put all my attention into producing one quality piece of work.

I feel i will not be able to be at the animating stage at this point as i am just painting weights on my character. However i will hopefully be able to produce some short clips showing character movement, and i also plan to include for my hand a spin cycle of how my character model has developed showing joints on their own and in wire-frame for an all over look.

I feel i have worked hard but as i didn't know what to expect and what timescales to expect for a first timer i have probably procrastinated a little, but if anything I've learnt to just dive straight in or you're left with little time to produce the work when you eventually have to get around to it.

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