Thursday, 12 November 2009

Cornelius Model p3

Ok so we're still here.. but i think i am happy with Cornelius not going into Zbrush as his appearance set in the brief says that he is going to be of a claymation style. So i am adding more detail when modeling him in polys to get the appearance of claymation.

Not a very clear image above.. but the other day i was browsing online and remembered one of my favorite tv shows from when i was younger.. Beast Wars - Transformers, released in 1996. This is a very early stage of cgi animated series' produced by Rainmaker (previously known as Mainframe) these guys also did the kids show Reboot. Amazing. So a new found love of company name and good memories of their work.

Whilst watching Optimus prime takes on the form of a gorilla.. and a basic model here from the screenshot above gives a good idea of size ratio of body parts. So whilst finalizing my gorilla i noticed some things mine lacked.

So one of the first things noticed is the arm length and thickness.. i have now adjusted my arm to sit more in the body and part of the chest.

I have also neglected working on the head whilst focusing on the body, so i have begun the head from my sketches of the grandad-look with glasses. The chest also needs to be brought upwards towards the head.

Ok so thought, lets get an idea of what he'd look like when smoothed.. looks nice i thought..

Still work to be done but im happy to move on after working on the head some more and maybe sorting the top of the back near the neck, and work on some eyes/mose/ears.. basic facial shapes. I'm still quite tempted to give the gorilla only 3 fingers as i am not going for a realistic look. However i have already modeled him this way.

Next step.

Sort head/top back and neaten back legs.

- I will look to blend shapes for the facial expressions
- Texture
- Joint placement
- Rig Set-up FK IK
- Skinning (painting weights)

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