Thursday, 26 November 2009

Colour choices

Ok so here i have already placed the colours onto my texture but you guys dont know why i chose to use purple.

I wanted the colour to be bright and eye-catching as its not every day you see a purple gorilla. I didn't want to stick to the original colours of the silver back gorilla because i see my gorilla to be targeted at a young audience.

If we look at young childrens toys they are almost always bright fluorescent colours;

Above are just some images of plasticine, wonderful and bright colours, and how the colours sit next to each other is never in a perfect straight line and they wont every mix, but just make an icky mess. For the duck model above, you can see the lines of where the eyes and beak had been added, i should have taken more attention to existing clay models and next time i will create a hand made version of what i want my 3d design to look like when modeling. If i had have made a 3d little clay or plasticine model for my gorilla i would have noticed the detail of the crease line when things such as the eyes and beak on the duck have been added.

Just looking to textures i came across some one else silver back gorilla model (shown below) and again just shows me how much you can get from making your own reference model. You are able to understand the shape and depth of the character, let alone textures.

exaggeration, highly imaginative writing (also has negative connotations)add kids tv shows
Ok so here are some more examples of colours used when targeting a young audience, we have Teletubbies and Tweenies. First things i notice when looking at Teletubbies is the bright colours and simple shapes used. Not a fan of the show myself but just though this was a nice reference with as they take on the plasticine colours.

I had also looked into colour palettes which go with purple and with this first set below it is pretty muc the tweenies colour palette.

This colour swatch below i feel is taking more of a plasticine look because the colours are vibrant

and these last two sets i am drawn to more because i want the gorilla's body to be one hue of purple and then his underbelly and the bottom of his feet and hands to be a lighter pastel shade.

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