Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Rigging set up so far..

Ok so here's a little playback review of how rigging has been going up to this point.
I have been following the Maya Character Rigging book which i have been improvising off and adapting so that it fits with my gorilla as in this book we are following the rigging of a bipedal insteda of a quadruped and the character is also in a T pose which mine isn't.

In this screen shot we can see a joint placed in between the top leg joint and knee joint, i have placed this in there to act for the roll bone which will help to create a more fluid look in the arm movement with the rotation.

So i haven't remembered to take screenshots for everything as i've been deeply engrossed in the actual rigging.

Continuing on and following the book i then went on to create nurbs circles to act as controllers for the hip, head, waist and neck. Working on handles for shoulder clavicles, setting preffered angles on legs and arms on the rotate axis so to make sure that they bend the correct way so not to deform realistic limitations.

Applying pole vector constraints was the pickle in the book, i only noticed that after applying my ik handles for the arms, for me to then create a pole vector constraint wasn't working.
This is because i had been told to create an ikSCsolver (single Chain solver) instead of an ikRPsolver, (rotate plane solver) difference being that one wont allow me to add the constraint - why does this not work? I'm not sure i guess we're wanting to work towards the nurbs circle acting which is going to be my controller for which way the knee will point, and that isn't possible by using a single chain.

Also another thing was after conversing with a friend also on the book they also had trouble with the IKFK switch as i was originally working towards having both IK and FK, i would've liked to have tackled this but due to error in time management i'm guessing i wont be able to meet the deadline by doing so. So i had decided to just go on and work in IK.

I have worked in creating attributes for the feet to allow a heel twist, toe twist, foot roll and a toe wiggle. I will also need to do this for the hands but i'm going to think of adding a curl on the tip and palm so that i can get a grip for the hand.

Of course without using set driven keys these attributes are pretty useless as whats the point of having an attribute with no settings? Set Driven Keys aren't unfamiliar to me as i remembered them pretty well after last year when learning how to apply it to fingers. So simply loading driver and driven and then making sure that i remember to key at the beginning when everything in at value "0" and then when i change the values to Key again to make sure that they've been set. So i did this to my foot using the attributes mentioned before which will help for a nice little walk.

Above are just some screenshots showing my rigging settings.

I still need to ;
-create and parent my eye balls to the geometry
- create a base for the rig
-paint weights

and then over all animate.

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