Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Pocahontas Modeling p2

Ok so she was in nurbs from what i posted last but since then i have converted her into polys.
I had to convert the legs, arms and body separately with different poly counts so that i could keep control over what was going on with the mesh. I also noticed that i must have used the lattice tool on the head at some point, so in the end i just re did the body and head geometry so that there were no problems like the ear issue revolving around the head.

I also re-modeled the hands and feet in polys and used the nurb geo as a template.

I had to combine and merge my hands and feet to the body geometry and then mirror this to create my full model. Now i am ready to take her into Zbrush to add some more detail, smooth out curves and simple things like pockets on her dress

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