Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cornelius Model p2

Continuation of the Cornelius model. 've just been fine tuning parts of him now, here is a screenshot below of his foot.. i'd noticed i'd put his thumb on the wrong side before and that gorillas have feet like ours.

Below are just some more screenshots showing my progress on the model, although i am modeling one side i mirrored the image so i can get a better idea of what i need to change.

In the below screenshot i like how there is an ident of where his spine is though i might take to smoothing this a little in Zbrush.

In the below screenshot i have worked on the arm in more detail and stretched out his fingers so that it will be easier to rig hopefully.

In this screenshot below im really liking the bulk of the chest and front still, so i have little intention to change this, keeping things simple seems to be a good way to go as a first in modeling. The head and back legs still needs to be altered.

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