Thursday, 19 November 2009

UV layout

Planar mapping - chosen selections like chest, hands under and ontop
Automatic mapping - whole body so that i can set a general colour.

I'm thinking to apply a bump map which uses the black and white for creating depth to the look of my texture on Cornelius. To do this i will need to scan or photograph clay or plastercine and take that into photoshop to saturate, so i am able to then apply the UV and then apply the bump map on that material where my UV is.

I was going to take my gorilla into Zbrush but have decided after smoothing i like the look of my gorilla as he has the smooth appearance, maybe i could add a tuft on his elbows and nails but i'm thinking to model them in perhaps, minute details.

Now that i have set up my UV's in the texture editor i can come back and texture when i like and edit it whilst continuing to work on the rigging process. I have been looking for tutorials on how to rig a quadruped and having little success.

So i need to complete rigging using IK/FK
Paint weights
and animate

At this point in the brief i am feeling a little at a lose end, possibly procrastinating on the rigging progress and for Pocahontas, i might have to leave her as just a model and animate Cornelius more.

As i've seen other peoples models im feeling a little inferior.

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