Tuesday, 24 November 2009


So before i had modeled my gorilla with normal human feet and given him fingers.. however with the deadline creeping up i had decided to not get too involved with applying set driven keys with the fingers.. so i mittened his hands and i have also kept the thumb on there.

I had originally thought of this.. but never really covered the hands, i think i'd focused too much on bigger details, where the hands convey a lot of expression.
I have also chosen to have wiggly nostrils and that strong brow line for helping expression, i'm going to be disappointed that i'm not going to have a happy standard when im finished.

This last week or so i have fully put my attention to rigging, and i wanted to have worked more on developing details such as little tufts on his elbows in Zbrush and wispy eye brows.
I have begun to model some old glasses which i will post about separately.

So i have re modeled this hand and in the UV editor i have already set it so that the palms of his feet and hands are the light pastel colour like the under belly.

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